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Thursday, November 27, 2008

How to manage your budget in crisis


As a woman, no matter a housewife or a career woman, we always have responsibility on household monthly expenses. We have to pay monthly payments and also keep some of it into our savings. So, how do we manage it?

Every month, we get amount of money to be managed from salary or any other sources, and before we spend it, it would be better for you if you could do some of tips below:

1. Put your money into different posts, such as:
- Monthly payments post, is everything that have to be paid every months (electricity bill,
phone bill, mobile phone bill, credit card bill, mortgage etc)
- Back Up post, is an amount of money that might be used for emergency needs (doctors, for

2. Save about 5%-10% of the total budget into the saving account that especially opened only for saving. You could not draw it as easy as you want and it is a must. It would be better if you could save it more.

3. Put the rest of it in your daily account and you could take it if only you need it

4. Avoid unnecessary spending. Don't get easily tempted by discount offering from any shopping malls or any others.

When you had extra money (after your monthly payments, saving etc) then maybe you could do some shops.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi Fransisca..I appreciated your touched ideas about economy while crisis global.
Every woman or housewife must be carrefoul on their budged until crisis to be ended.
Good luck(bonne chance) dear Fransisca..
Rafet Ersöz,Istanbul/Türkiye

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