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Sunday, October 17, 2010

.....and I'm gawking...

Me and others 9 moms, Ann, Hana, Jen, Lia, Lindy, Susy, Nan, Cindy, Trish, (not a real name) are very good best friends.

We are just a simple and cheerful moms...we often go somewhere together just to eat or gather and have a small chit chat to spend our times while waiting to pick up our children from school.

Last week, was Ann's birthday. We went to a western restaurant in one mall to celebrate and had a fun lunch. As we sit at the long rectangle table.. we took some pictures. We laughed, we posed, and talked many things. Hana took a lot of pictures of us...she really enjoyed taking picture from that digital camera. Later on, she thought it would be nice if she took a picture of the restaurant named, so we could remember it.

When Hana tried to focus on the restaurant named at the back, I saw a middle age lady standing there dressed up in pinkish shirt with catchy necklace around her neck , it was so eye catching.

Suddenly the lady approaching us and scold Hana, "What did you do? Why did you take my picture? Do you think I'm a crazy old woman?? No! I'm a rich woman. Don't you dare to treat me like that!"

Hana was standing up and shocked. She could not say anything. Susy whispered to the rest of us, "Let her...she is a stressed woman, she is crazy. She used to be a rich woman, until her husband left her with no money. She is always walking around this mall everyday. Just let her and pretend that we do something here." All of us busy talking each other, but that woman just stood up there and scold Hana. We told that woman that we're sorry and we're busy, but she asked Hana over and over again, "Why did you take my picture? All of you are really a mean people, you laugh at me, you talk badly about me at church, now they are hate me. It's because of you all!"

Lia tried to tell that lady again that we're sorry and we didn't know each other, so please let us eat here nicely and Lia called the waitress to help us to get rid of the woman.

That waitress came and she told that lady that we were celebrating our friend's birthday. Hana finally answer,"Sorry, ma'am, but I was taking a picture of the restaurant named at the back, not you."

Then amazingly that woman, calmed down and said, "Oh...ok. I'm not angry, I'm just asking you."....and she left us alone..went to another table of two men...I didn't know what she was talking about.

.....and I was gawking to see all of that poor she is.... She is so stress.

Thank God that we are still able to live normally.

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